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With its beautiful beaches, fascinating history and stunning nature, Israel offers its visitors a great variety of different sites. Here’s our guide to 10 must see places in Israel that will give you an idea of some of what the breathtaking country has to offer.

Acre (Akko)

A variety of different cultures have inhabited Acre throughout history, including the Crusaders and the Ottomans, leaving their mark on this region. With interesting, culturally buildings, ruins and sights around every corner, Acre is a must visit location in the north of Israel. Enjoy a romantic evening walk along the port, have a good meal at one of the local restaurants or take a relaxed stroll through Akko’s markets.


nazarethLocated in the lower Galilee, you can find one of the Christian centers, Nazareth. It is said that here, Jesus was brought up and Mary was told by the angel Gabriel that she was carrying the child of God. This, and a scattering of other very important Christian sites, makes the city of Nazareth a holy destination. In addition to its great religious value, Nazareth is also a city rich in culture and history, not to mention interesting archaeology.

Sea of Galilee (Lake of Kinneret)

The Sea of Galilee, or as Israelis call it the Kinneret, is the main water source, as well as the largest freshwater lake in Israel. The history of the lake goes way back. According to the New Testament, many of Jesus’ miracles occurred here, including his walk on the water. Today, tourists visit The Sea of Galilee to enjoy the relaxing lake, have fun building rafts, or to practice various water activities.

Golan Heights


In the north of the country you can find Golan Heights, a mountainous region with breathtaking landscapes, wonderful nature reserves and historically shaped attractions for the whole family. As a perfect destination for hikers, the Golan area offers a variety of different paths with different difficulty levels dependent on the time of year. It is especially impressive during spring, when flowers are blooming and fields are green. In wintertime, the Herman Mountain, located in the Golan Heights, is the ideal destination for skiers.



HaifaHaifa has a variety of different neighborhoods and a mix of cultures, making it a very lively place. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful port and the vibrant beach, perfect for surfers. They can experience a greatly diverse society, with its background and history in the city, and last but not least, they can take in the beautiful nature Haifa has to offer with its unique Baha’i Garden.


Jerusalem is the holiest city in the world, the city that unites the three biggest religions. Visiting Jerusalem is like travelling back in time. At the center you’ll find the Old City surrounded by a grand wall. Here, visitors can learn a lot about Jerusalem’s religious history by visiting the sites of the three major religions, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of Holy Sepulcher, and the Western Wall. The Old City of Jerusalem is divided into four quarters: the Muslim quarter, the Armenian quarter, the Christian quarter and the Jewish quarter. When visiting Jerusalem visitors should visit one of the museums outside the Old City, such as Yad VaShem, the World Center of Holocaust Research.

Tel Aviv 

Tel Aviv combines relaxing beaches, a vibrant nightlife, authentic markets, culinary highlights and much more. The diverse society is very open-minded, so that everyone finds their place and learns to love it. With it’s different neighborhoods and sites, there is plenty to see and many places to explore in Tel Aviv: the city is exciting for beach lovers, street art admirers, foodies, photographers and museum visitors. As Israel’s center of entertainment, Tel Aviv offers its visitors many attractions throughout the year. These include a water fight, the Gay Pride Parade, the Purim Street Party, the Tel Aviv Fashion Week and more.

Ramon Crater (Mahtesh Ramon)

מכתש-רמון.jpgLocated in Mitzpe Ramon, a town in the Negev desert, is the Ramon Crater, or as it is called in Hebrew – Mahtesh Ramon. The crater is the biggest crater in Israel, 40 km in length and 10 km at its widest point. Try activities such as Jeep tours, Segway tours, or even helicopter tours: hot air balloon flights offer particularly spectacular views of the crater from above.

Dead Sea (Yam HaMelach)

Dead Sea

The lowest point on earth, 417 meters below the sea level, the Dead Sea is not only fun to float in, it is also healthy, historic and surrounded by breathtaking beauty. It is the saltiest water on earth due to the fact that more water evaporates than flows in. Float in the sea and cover your body in the healthy Dead Sea mud to find pure, inner relaxation. Once in the Dead Sea area, there are two other sites that should not be missed: Masada with its cruel history and amazing view, as well as Ein Gedi, a water oasis in the desert.


Eilat My israel GuideAfter travelling around Israel, taking in history, nature and culture, Eilat is the perfect destination in which to relax. Equipped with a great variety of beautiful hotels and resorts, this paradise at the very south of Israel offers many different activities. Visitors can take diving lessons along coral reefs and enjoy the stunning under water world of the red sea. Other activities include swimming with dolphins, enjoying good food, or having a calmer day at the pool or the beach. During summertime, temperatures can reach highs of over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

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