Segway Tours

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Segway tours in Israel is one of the most exciting and quick ways to explore beautiful sites and interesting history – minimal effort with maximal experience!

The Segway is a very easy-to-learn personal transporter!

In five minutes you will know how to ride the Segway! Every tour starts with a short safety and instructional brief after which we’ll practice riding the Segway and off we go to the tour!

I offer 3 optional Segway tours:

  1. Panoramic tour of Jerusalem- Overlooking the sacred area of the old city of Jerusalem, Mount of olives and the Judean desert from the famous panoramic promenade of Armon Hanatziv
  2. Classic tour of Jerusalem- Starting from the new touristic area of the old train station of Jerusalem- Hatahana and riding to the Old city, Yemin Moshe, passing King David’s hotel, Jaffa gate and the New gate
  3. Beaches tour of Tel Aviv- From the ancient city of Jaffa to the vibrant new city of Tel Aviv! On this tour we’ll pass through Charles Clore city park, looking towards the skyscrapers and Hi-tech area of the central region, talking about the history of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, visiting Jaffa’s ancients port and new promenade

*other special tours available- contact me for more info

*the Segway tour is suitable for participants between the ages of 16-70, 45- 125 Kg (100-250 Lbs)

*the Segway tour doesn’t suit pregnant women or people who suffer from epilepsy

Contact for more details and booking

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