20 Must-Know tips before coming to Israel


The power socket in Israel is a typical European power socket


Israel is a hot and sunny country most of the year. Wear sun screen and drink a lot of water



Taxi drivers are obliged by law to put the meter on once you enter the vehicle. Especially when you request them to. If the driver refuses or insists to quote a rate, he is probably trying to make some extra cash at your expense - Get a different taxi. We recommend downloading the app ‘Gett’ to avoid all of the above.


Tap water in Israel are drinkable


Gratuity (tipping) in restaurants & bars is not included in any services. It is common to leave 12 -15 % of the bill as a tip.


No need to tip taxi drivers.

Unless if you're really want to


In Israel, all of the soldiers and police officers are Israelis. No foreign armies here.


If you see a man with a gun/rifle and no uniforms - don't freak out.

It means that he's licensed and probably lives or works in an area where security awareness is needed. He can be also a soldier on a short vacation.


To all tours bring:

Comfortable shoes, A hat is mostly needed, Water, Appropriate clothing for holy sites (ability to cover shoulders, chests and knees)


in the dead sea

Open sores and hair-removed skin might burn once bathing so recommended not to shave a day before. For more do's & don'ts in the Dead Sea press here

Float in the Dead Sea tour


Concerts and outdoor events happening mainly in the summer time. it's an amazing experience.


Jerusalem & Tel Aviv can offer more than just the well-known tourist spots. Explore the outskirts.


Dogs are welcome. you can find great parks and stores just for your little friend


gluten-free food

you can find various options of gluten-free restaurants and markets all over Israel. But is still worth mentioning it to your guide before the tour.


Always licensed guides, and in advanced

If you have decided that you going to hire a guide - do it in advance. Make sure that your guide is licensed and professional. Don't, under any circumstances, hire a random guide from the street.


Hotel accomodations in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is full of hotels of all kinds, from luxurious hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria or King David to simple Airbnb. The most recommended places are those that are close to the lively and modern city center. Please note that the Old City of Jerusalem is excellent for day trips. And not so suitable for those looking for a hotel in a modern and western place.