Dead Sea & Masada

A perfect day of history, natural wonders, awe inspiring sites, and relaxation.

Let one of our private tour guides take you on a luxury tour to the lowest place on earth. On the way to the Dead Sea and Masada, enjoy breathtaking views of the Dead Sea, dry rivers and the colorful Judean cliffs as our guides share insightful commentary about geology, geopolitics and history. We’ll drive across the Great Rift Valley and through Kumeran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were uncovered.

  • Visit the lowest place on earth
  • Discuss history, archeology and the geopolitics of the West Bank
  • See the amazing Roman ruins at the top of Masada
  • Float in the Dead Sea and cover your body in mud


Begin your day at Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and make your way up to the top of the hill via cable car to walk through the remains of Herod’s 2,055-year-old fortress. If you are up for waking up early, we can make arrangements for you to catch the most magnificent sunrise from the top.

Dead Sea

After lunch, we’ll visit one of the Dead Sea beaches where you’ll be able to cover yourself in the healing properties of the Dead Sea mud. With 8.6 more salt than the ocean, creating a natural buoyancy effect, you’ll be able to float in the waters of the Dead Sea, newspaper in hand for a quintessential photo op.

If time permits, we can add the following activities to your tour:

  • Camel ride. Explore the landscape of the Negev Desert in the most authentic way
  • Kumeran Caves. Visit this series of natural and artificial caves found throughout an archaeological site in the Judaean Desert 
  • Ein Gedi nature reserve. Hike through this beautiful oasis, enjoy its spectacular landscape and astonishing beauty, and bathe in its various waterfalls along the hike. 

My Israel Guide private tour guides have a passion for the Holy Land and for pleasing tourists and guests. We want you to take home the best memories of our small but fascinating country and will not rest until you are happy. 

*Pick-up and drop off at your Hotel Lobby / Apartment.



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