Masada & Dead Sea


Dead Sea

With Yaron Hovav My Israel Guide you will spend A wonderful day trip to the “backyard of Jerusalem”. The two main sites are the Massada, a world heritage center by UNESCO, fortress and palace 2000 years old.

Continues the story of King Herod and the destruction of the Second Temple.


The second main site is the Dead Sea, the lowest place in the world is full of minerals so healthy skin and body and can even have a dip in the miraculous water and smear natural mud all over your body. At 450 meters below sea level we reach the lowest point on Earth. For thousands of years people, including Cleopatra, have known the therapeutic powers of this area and the sea itself.

In this day tour we could also enjoy A camel ride in the desert, visit Qumeran – Caves and Monastery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (also world heritage center by UNESCO). Or we could visit the Jordan River, the original spot where the People of Israel walk in to the Promise Land and the same spot where John Baptist Jesus.


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