Life in an Israeli Kibutz

By Roni Carmel

Hi there fox, My name is Roni, I live in Israel in a Kibbutz down south called Nir Yitzhak, with my two little kids and my dear wife.  Away from the holy city of Jerusalem and the modern advanced city of Tel Aviv.

We live in a different and special lifestyle based on the values of Socialism and Communism. 
From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  Originally it means that the member/family would pass their income to the community and get a limited low budget according to their basic needs.  The Kibbutz movement was established in the beginning of the 20th century when all the members worked in the Kibbutz and for the Kibbutz if it’s in the field, crop, factory, cowshed, clinic, kitchen and a dining room.

In the modern days, the Kibbutz members make their own living as a household and developed profession and pay a generous portion to the community tax. 

In the rural areas and in the periphery you make the best out of the wide lands and use field crops, factories and cowsheds. More initiatives and professions became possible and as technology progressed.

Nowadays, in the competitive run of modern life, it is nice to stop, slow down and lay back.  Here, away from the stress and the pressure of the big cities, you can enjoy the countryside lifestyle.

tour in the country side of israel
Inbar, Roni’s wife in a typical afternoon with the kids

Nice modest homes with big and wide open spaces allows you to breathe and sees a great platform for social activities and quality time with the family. You invest your sources and your salary in the community with high commitments and in return you get all you need for a proper living. Great efforts, investments and minds put their best to assure there is always something to do and be apart of.  Activities that reflect our values for all ages and interests.

In the natural fruitful and beautiful surroundings, you can also find the pool, gym, outdoor sport facilities, and members club.  Mini zoo, stable, Mini amphitheater, mini market, dancing bar, coffee shop, homee restaurant and more.  

We even have are own joining big dining hall that provides great and healthy meals for the community on daily basis. The dining hall is also function as a center to many activities and a place to meet and see everyone

Here in the Kibbutz we hold and run our special education system.  The education here is  value-based educational system that takes into account the needs of the child according to his age and developmental stages.

The system considers itself responsible for the education and nurturing of the children absorbed in it from infancy to the end of 12th grade.

Starting in early childhood, infants and children are educated from the age of six months to the completion of compulsory kindergarten. 

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  Originally it means each member/family would pass their income to the community and get a limited low budget according to their basic needs. 

Our Kibutz, Nir Itzhak, located about 90 mins drive south from Tel Aviv, and only 3 miles from Gaza border. You will find the most peaceful and friendly place you can imagine.  The strong united community allows us to strengthen and face any challenge as well as the proximity to the hot  and controversial area of The Gaza Strip.

The intimate frame sets the goals is to provide the children with a nurturing, safe and focused environment that fits the various developmental needs of the child and his or her parents. All efforts are focused to provide a personal response to the child and his family, with a high care ratio carefully maintained and supported.

Kibbutz fields
Nir Itzhak flower field

Instead of going to the mall for shopping, we take the bicycles with the kids to the fields.

We pick oranges in the grove, digg for potatoes in the field, pick mango in the plantation and pull the carrot too.  That we the kids and adults consume and enjoy what they grow and worked for. They know where and how things grow and not just buy and pay.  We skip the global economic cycle and eat and love what we have.

Above and beyond you will find kind, open and friendly people who are community members and actual friends.  We are here to support one another in the everyday life, seesing and celebrating together and in times of solidarity too.   

The united community and the members of our Kibutz are the best neighbors and friends one can wish for.

Next time you take a long flight to visit Tel Aviv or Jerusalem with My Israel Guide, drive south to Ben Gurion’s flourish Negev and come to say hello at my house in Kibutz Nir Yitzhak.

Nir Itzhak location on Israel map

Mr. Roni Carmel is a member of Kibutz Nir Yitzhak. He is a father for three and a husband. He is in charge of bringing new families to the Kibutz.