There are not many countries in the world that are blessed with such a wide variety of landscapes and so many major events that affected the whole world such as Israel.

It seems that in the narrow strip between the desert and the Mediterranean, basic elements were born and formed out of the spiritual assets and tenets of humanity as a whole. It’s location between continents and climates makes it a fascinating gallery of landscapes, cultures, and growing species. So few places are in the world where you can easily jump from swampy landscapes with tropical features to high mountain scenery where spring blossoms occur at the summer, or even swap out of the desert in a few hours for the Mediterranean forests.

Throughout history adventurers, conquerors, pilgrims and scholars have all been attracted here. Some have tried to buy domination in the country, some to enjoy its holiness and some just to trace its secrets.

The immense interest that the country has aroused in close and distant relatives is expressed by the fact that there is so much spoken and written about relative to its size in the case of the Land of Israel. The sacredness of the land often makes research and writing about it very charged. The continuous debate over the use of the Old or New Testament as research tools, for example, as well as rocking the world of archaeology and history today, and has surfaced from academia to public and political discourse.