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"Was great to see where Jesus walked on water and fed the 5000" (Jon, UK)

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A 90-minute drive from Tel Aviv you will find a beautiful countryside. A trip to the Galilee area offers so much enjoyment of the scenic landscapes, rich history, monumental churches and boutique wineries. Come and have a look at Nazareth – where Jesus grew up in, visit an Israeli kibbutz, take a cruise in the Sea of Galilee or get to know the spiritual city of Safed – the city of Kabbalah.

Galilee can be one day trip, but it it’s recommended to stay there overnight and experience the area for another day trip in Galilee or the Golan Heights.


Galilee - Christian Oriented Tour

Galilee is the place where “it all began,” and the starting point for the work of Jesus. The sites and holy places located in it are among the most important and well-known pilgrimage centers in the Christian tradition.

Nazareth and The Church of Annunciation
Nazareth was a Jewish village where Jesus grew up and was educated and spent his birthdays, youth, and freedom. Nazareth is sacred to Christians also because it sheds light on the sacred family, which originates from Nazareth, especially Miriam (Mary), the mother of Jesus. This is where every Christian believes in miraculously elevating the qualities of Miriam. In present times Nazareth is mostly populated by Muslims and a minority of Christian Arabs, but its main attractions for most visitors relate to Jesus and Christian history.

Church of the Annunciation is one of the Middle East’s largest and most splendid churches. The church was designed by Italian architect Giovanni Motzio and was built in 1969. The church sanctifies by Christian tradition the location of Mother Mary’s house and the very place where an angel appeared to Mary and announced that she has been impregnated by the holy spirit.

The Wedding Church in Cana – Site of the First Miracle
Cana is now an Arab village about 4 miles from Nazareth. The village is sacred to Christians because according to tradition in this place about 2000 years ago, Jesus performed the first miracle – turning water into wine during a wedding. The church is built on remains from the Byzantine period (4th-6th centuries). Many Christian pilgrims today celebrate in the church the “renewal of marriage vows” ceremony.

The Sea of Galilee and the Church of the Multiplication
Jesus lived in this area for three years, from the moment he left Nazareth until he arrived in Jerusalem for the last week of his life. In this area, he gathered his disciples and showed his ability to make miracles.
Commemorates one of the great miracles of Christ – feeding 5,000 people with Loaves and Fish. This is a very unusual miracle since it is not personal but for mass, which testifies to the great power of Christ to the universality of his gospel. The food is material but also symbolizes the presentation of its gospel to the people. The students who serve the food to the masses are the 12 apostles who will carry the gospel to all mankind.

St. Peter’s Primacy “Feed my sheep” (John 21:17)
A Franciscan church is also known as Menza Christie. The church commemorates an event that took place forty days after the resurrection of Jesus before his ascension into heaven. According to the narrator, Peter and John engaged in fishing without success. Only after Jesus was revealed to them were their nets filled with fish and thus eaten to satiety. Jesus then makes Peter his successor. 

An archeological site in the north of the Sea of Galilee. 2000 years ago it was the city of Jesus, where he had many believers and taught in the synagogue. In Capernaum, Jesus laid the foundations of the Christian faith.
Two main sites to see –
Peter’s house: where Jesus was hosted which later became the first church in the world, and the Synagogue where Jesus taught and preached.

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More to see in Galilee





Take a walk around the spiritual city and the place where the Kabbalah was born. We will visit Rabbi Luria’s synagogue, walk through the magical streets of the Old City, and be exposed to lots of artworks from the Jewish world.

A Roman city on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee from the 2nd century named after Tiberius Caesar. We will visit some important Rabbi’s tombs from the past and the most important of them – is Maimonides’s Tomb, the senior figure in 12th-century Judaism who was also Sultan’s physician. We will also visit Hamat – a synagogue from the 5th century.

If you are a wine lover, let us take you on a tour of a winery and wine tasting at one of the boutique wineries in the area.

A visit to a Kibbutz
Much has been said about the Israeli kibbutz. Come for an original and experienced tour within a kibbutz that includes guidance and accompaniment by a kibbutz member, a kibbutz meal, and a tour of the barn.





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