experience the city of the birth of Jesus in all its glory.

One of our most popular luxury private tours in the Holy Land, our tour of the sacred city of Bethlehem provides you with an outstanding opportunity to absorb the spirituality of the area and learn about the historical and biblical value of the land of Jesus Christ.

  • Visit the lowest place on earth
  • Discuss history, archeology and the geopolitics of the West Bank
  • See the amazing Roman ruins at the top of Masada
  • Float in the Dead Sea and cover your body in mud

Your Bethlehem private luxury tour includes a visit to:

  • Church of the Nativity.

    Your catholic Holy Land tour will begin with a visit to the Church of the Nativity, one of the world’s oldest churches, and its Catholic, Armenian and Greek Orthodox Christian chapels. 

  • Milk Grotto.

    From the Church of the Nativity, your private tour guide will take you to the ‘Milk Grotto’, also known as the Franciscan Grotto of Lady Mary, a large underground cave with a Franciscan chapel built on top, believed to be the place where Mary and Joseph found refuge for Jesus from King Herod. 

  • Bansky graffiti sighting.

    We shift gears from Christian religion to street art politics and take you on a tour of Bansky’s work. The famed and reclusive British street artist took the city of Bethlehem by storm in 2005 and used the city’s walls to display his take on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. 

  • Shepherd’s fields.

    In the outskirts of the city, we’ll take you to see Shepherd’s fields. Filled with beautiful shrines shrined and a stunning chapel, these fields are believed to be the place where the Shepherds saw the Star of Nativity on their way to visit Jesus. 


Combine a tour of Bethlehem with a visit to Jericho, the oldest city in the world where 25 ancient cities were uncovered. Descend through the Judean desert and enjoy a roadside view of the Good Samaritan Inn before ascending the Mount of Temptation. We’ll take you to visit Tel el Sultan and the Old City of Jericho and stop to see the Zacchaeus and Sycamore fig tree, one of the top tourist attractions in Jericho.  

My Israel Guide private tour guides have a passion for the Holy Land and for pleasing tourists and guests. We want you to take home the best memories of our small but fascinating country and will not rest until you are happy. 

*Pick-up and drop off at your Hotel Lobby / Apartment.

*Option to add a Jerusalem tour on the same day



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