One day tour in Jerusalem “Understand Jerusalem”


The ancient city of Jerusalem is considered holy in three religions. Its earliest settlement dates back to the 4th millennium BCE and it has a unique history and many remarkable attractions.

I can tailor made for you, base on your preferences  

 Yaron Hovav My Israel Guide proudly offers a variety of tours in Jerusalem that center on you, the tourist!  He will design and create a personalized tour allowing you to discover the Jerusalem highlights.
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Half a day (up to 4 hours) or Full day (up to 8 hours) walking tour in the Old City

The tour in the Old City of Jerusalem is very dynamic and together we can build your itinerary according to your religious preferences. 

In the Old City of Jerusalem Walking Tour we will encounter some of the more recent archaeological finds. from the 2nd Temple, Roman periods, and medieval times as well, bringing different periods of this ancient city to life.

In the list below, you will find some of that we could visit together :

  • Dramatic Panoramic View of Jerusalem, Old and New City – Mount of Olives

  • Armon Hanatziv Promenade

  • Valley of Kidron

  • Garden of Gethsemane

  • City of David

  • Mount Zion

  • Tomb of David

  • The Last Supper Room

  • The Jewish Quarter

  • Via Dolorosa

  • Church of Holy Sepulchre

  • David Tower Museum

  • The Ramparts Walk

The Old City of Jerusalem has been declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO.


Full day in “Old + New” Jerusalem

A tour in Jerusalem is also very dynamic and together we can build a beautiful itinerary according to your preferences.

We will visit the first neighborhoods outside of the Old City Walls that established at the 19th century and combin it with
Macnne Yehuda amazing Market and Museums.

Please see below some of the attractions we can visit together:

  • Mishkanot Shaananin & Yemin Moshe neighborhoods

  • The German Colony & the Old Railway Station

  • Nachlaot neighborhood

  • Machne Yehuda Market – Tasting Tour

  • Israel Museum

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